Iraq MOD Video Shows Army Fighting in Frontline of Tikrit

Thu Mar 5, 2015 15:53:59

A video released by the Iraqi Defence Ministry shows troops battling ISIS group terrorist in front line of northern Iraqi city of Tikrit.

On Monday, Iraqi troops backed by allied Shiite militiamen, started a major military operation in northern Iraq to drive ISIS out of the area.

Iraqi media, citing a parliamentary security committee, reported that around 70 per cent of Salah al-Din, some 170 kilometres north of Baghdad, had been regained from ISIS, DPA reports.

Meanwhile Heavy smoke was Thursday billowing from an oilfield controlled by ISIS in northern Iraq where government troops were carrying out a major offensive against the militant group, Iraqi police said."Black smoke is covering the area of the al-Ajail oil complex in the [northern] province of Salah al-Din,”

"It is not immediately clear if Daesh has burnt oil wells, pipelines or tanks there," he added.

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