Israeli Terrorist Killed in Hamrin when Army Getting Gains in Tikrit + Video

Wed Mar 4, 2015 17:02:13

Chairman of the Security Committee in the Council of Diyala, Sadiq al-Husseini announced that an Israeli ISIS militant has been killed in the battle of liberating Hamrin, pointing to the presence of foreign armed elements in the terrorist group, which indicates the involvement of countries in supporting terrorism.

Husseini said in an interview for, “The joint security forces backed by the Volunteer Fighters have killed an Israeli militant within ISIS ranks in the operations of liberating Hamrin in Salahuddin province.”

Husseini added, “The presence of foreign armed elements in the ranks of ISIS answers many questions about the factors of supporting the group and the involvement of countries in supporting it.”

Meanwhile Iraq's Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that military forces are making new gains in the war against the ISIL in Salahuddine Governorate, northwestern the Iraqi capital.

Military troops from the Dijla operations command, consisting of the 5th infantry division squad, police forces, local backup, and warplanes, were able to clear villages of Bo-Rayash, Bo-Essa, and Bo-Talha, the ministry said in a statement, adding that troops are currently advancing towards cities of Tikrit and Alam.

Iraqi forces were also able to seize a large ISIL training camp in Hamrin Mountains, eastern Tikrit, and destroy five car bombs that were parked there, it noted, adding that forces were also able to take over a main crossing from ISIL's control, which links Bo-Essa and Mubarak Al-Farhan areas towards Mutaibjeya in western Tikrit.

Meanwhile, military troops are currently proceeding to clear the entire Saladin governorate in accordance with the plan, the ministry said.

A video released by the Iraqi Defence Ministry showed troops battling ISIS group militants around the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit. According to a note attached to the footage, the troops were advancing towards Hamreen, Tikrit and al-Alam.
It also said the troops inflicted heavy losses in men and equipment upon IS militants.

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