Syria army ambush insurgent dens, inflict major losses

Syria army ambush insurgent dens, inflict major losses
Sun Aug 10, 2014 22:57:18

Syrian armed forces have conducted major military operations against insurgent hideouts and staging areas across the country, inflicting considerable losses on the foreign-backed terrorists and their weaponry.

In Aleppo and its outskirts, Syrian army units on Sunday killed a number of insurgents after targeting their staging areas, further destroying a number of their vehicles, state news agency SANA reported.

A number of intruding terrorists were also killed or injured and their war machines destroyed in Kwairs, Deir Hafer, Maskana, Handarat, al-Bab, al-Sha’ar, Hananou, Blat, Old Aleppo and in the vicinity of the Aleppo Castle.

Meanwhile, in the countryside of Daraa, Quneitra and Damascus, numerous terrorist elements were killed and wounded after their staging areas and hideouts were ambushed by government troops, who also destroyed their vehicles and other military hardware.

Army units further eliminated a number of armed insurgents in the areas surrounding Salmin Mosque, al-Jiza, Um Walad and on the road of Qeta and al-Bay’at in al-Lajat area in Daraa countryside, destroying their vehicles and munitions.

Units of Syrian armed forces also destroyed a number of motorcycles and vehicles belonging to the foreign-sponsored insurgents on the road of Nawa-Tal al-Jabieh and in the surrounding of the western bank of al-Karak town and on the road of Mulehat al-Atash-al-Hrak in Daraa countryside, where a number of terrorists were killed and wounded.

Moreover, insurgent bunkers and hideouts were attacked in Beit Tima and Khan al-Shih in Damascus countryside and in al-Rwaihanieh and Majdoulia in Quneitra countryside, where a number of terrorists were also killed and wounded.

Further in Homs countryside, a number of insurgents were eliminated in al-Othman farm towards Jabbourin-Um Sharshouh and a number of their vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were demolished by government troops.

Insurgent staging ground were also targeted in Enq al-Hawa, Um al-Rish and to the south of Ruhum in Homs eastern countryside, and in the village of Ain Hussein in Talbeisa, where a number of armed terror elements were killed and wounded by army units and their vehicles and weaponry were destroyed.

SANA also cited a Syrian military source as saying that army units ambushed insurgent hideouts and staging areas in Maar Shouren, Maret al-Nouman, Derini, Qmainas, Mar’aian and Kfar Haya towns in the outskirts of Idleb, killing and injuring scores of them, in addition to destroying their weaponry and ammunition.


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