Life backs to normal in some parts of Syria

Life backs to normal in some parts of Syria
Sun Aug 10, 2014 09:49:49

The Syrian government is trying to reconstruct the areas that the army has taken back from foreign-backed militants.

In May, a deal brought back the central city of Homs under the government’s control after its infrastructure was heavily damaged.

The government is now taking measures to reconstruct the city in an effort to bring back those displaced to their hometown.

“The damages are estimated at over a billion dollars. The electricity, water, and sewage infrastructure is destroyed and people, who have been forced out of their homes for two years are short on resources to reconstruct their houses,” said Nazem Kanawati, an engineer in Homs.

The city authorities are also warning the residents of the explosives left by foreign-backed militants.

Meanwhile, soldiers of the Syria army are engaged in battles at different fronts with foreign-backed militants and Takfiri terrorists.

Fueled by Western-backed militants, violence has gripped Syria for more than three years, leaving over 170,000 people dead and millions displaced.


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