Israel continues to hospitalize injured Syria terrorists

Israel continues to hospitalize injured Syria terrorists
Sat Aug 9, 2014 13:02:34

More injured Syria-based terrorists involved in a foreign-backed insurgency war against the Damascus government have reportedly been admitted to Israeli hospitals for treatment and medical care.

Another wounded anti-Syria terrorist was admitted in Israel’s Poria Hospital in Tiberias Thursday evening as 95 other insurgents have so far been treated at the hospital, Syrian state news agency SANA reported Friday.

According to the report, the Israeli Walla website stated that a 42-year-old Syrian terrorist with shrapnel wounds to his legs was admitted to the Israeli facility.

The development comes as the Zionist regime has arranged for the hospitalization of hundreds of Syria-based insurgent that were wounded in battles with Syrian army forces.

Last February, Zionist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited a field hospital established by the Israeli authorities on the Syrian occupied territories to treat mercenary insurgents, in further evidence of major support provided by the Zionist regime to armed terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government troops.

Israeli military forces have also been engaged in shelling Syrian territories in support of terrorist operations against Arab country’s military forces.


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