France bans pro-Gaza rallies as Israeli all-out offensive continues

France bans pro-Gaza rallies as Israeli all-out offensive continues
Fri Jul 25, 2014 21:55:59

French government has ordered banning a protest against Israel's onslaught on the Gaza Strip, planned for the weekend in the capital Paris.

The French police said Friday that anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrations were banned after similar protests had ended in violence.

Following the decision, organizers of the Saturday demonstration immediately filed a lawsuit against the ban, their lawyer, Hosni Maati, said.

Meanwhile, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has warned that anyone caught shouting slogans against Israel or torching Israel’s flag would be arrested.

The French capital has seen a number of protests against Israel's aerial and ground attacks on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

On July 23, thousands of people took to the streets of Paris to show solidarity with Gazans; however, French police fired tear gas at them and arrested at least 16 people.

In addition, a French court jailed on the same day three men for six to 10 months on charges of participating in an anti-Israeli rally on July 20 in the capital’s northern district of Sarcelles.

The July 20 protest was held despite authorities banning pro-Palestinian groups from holding rallies for "security reasons."

Over the past 18 days, Israeli warplanes and tanks have been pounding numerous sites inside the Gaza Strip, killing innocent residents of the impoverished Palestinian enclave.

At least 830 Palestinians have so far been killed and over 5,200 wounded since the Israeli military first launched its onslaught on the Palestinian enclave on July 8.


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