Austria protesters attack Israeli soccer team over Gaza

Austria protesters attack Israeli soccer team over Gaza
Thu Jul 24, 2014 23:44:27

Protesters against Israel's brutal military campaign in the Palestinian Gaza Strip have attacked Israeli soccer players at a friendly match in Austria, stopping the game five minutes before the end.

Salzburg police said Thursday that around 20 people with flags and placards, mostly Austrians of Turkish origin, stormed the pitch on Wednesday evening shouting slogans against Israeli atrocities in Gaza, during which more than 700 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured and displaced.

Local Police said there were clashes with the players from Maccabi Haifa, which was playing a friendly match against Lille in Bischofshofen in Salzburg province, and that no one was seriously injured and police were able to calm the situation.

The provincial office for the protection of the constitution is reportedly investigating the incident.

According to local reports, Austria's chancellor Werner Faymann condemned the violence.

"Guests who are staying in Austria have the right to do so in safety, regardless of their origin and religion," Faymann said in a statement.

There has been a worldwide condemnation of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian population of the impoverished Gaza Strip with protest marches and rallies in many capitals of the world urging a halt to the brutal onslaught and the total boycott of Israeli products.


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