Egyptians hold anti-US Quds rally in Cairo

Egyptians hold anti-US Quds rally in Cairo
Sat Aug 3, 2013 18:54:59

Egyptians have used the opportunity of Quds Day rallies to criticize US policies in the Middle East and North Africa, al-Alam reports.

On Friday, Egyptian people staged various rallies on the occasion of the Quds Day to show support for the oppressed Palestinians and urge the United States to stop advocating oppressing regimes in the region, al-Alam correspondent in Cairo reportd.

Egypt’s capital, Cairo, was the scene of rival rallies, whose placards read ‘the damned US, we don’t want your help’, ‘we will never forget Quds’, ‘there’s no God but Allah, Zionism is the enemy of God’.

The Egyptian protestors also underlined that they will not forget the Palestinian plight, although Egypt goes through difficult periods.

In spite of heavy presence of security forces, protestors headed for the US embassy in Cairo, urging the White House to expel ambassador Anne Patterson for her meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Reports say, millions of people in different countries held massive rallies on Friday in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people, voicing their anger at the policies of the Israeli regime and its allies, especially the US, and calling for the liberation of Palestine.


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