US removes its 'pro-Morsi' Egypt ambassador

US removes its 'pro-Morsi' Egypt ambassador
Sat Aug 3, 2013 08:47:17

The US has removed Anne Patterson as its envoy to Cairo after observing pressures from Egyptian people and interim government.

Patterson’s stance over the recent developments in Egypt has triggered the outrage of people and government, who observed her constant interference in the Arab country’s internal affairs.

Egyptians accused the US ambassador of supporting Muslim Brotherhood relentlessly and sending incorrect reports to the White House.

Patterson put pressures on Egyptian Army Chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi to release deposed President Mohamed Morsi, thus, Egyptian authorities called on the US to recall her from Cairo.

After her removal from Cairo post, Patterson was nominated to Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs.

Robert Ford, former deputy chief of mission at the US embassy in Bahrain, is likely to be nominated the next US ambassador to Egypt.

One of the pre-eminent Arabists in the US Foreign Service, Ford has also served as US ambassador in Syria and Algeria and as deputy US ambassador in Iraq.

On July 3, the head of Egypt’s army announced that president Mohamed Morsi was no longer in power. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi also dissolved the Egyptian constitution.

The Chief Justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, Adli Mansour, was sworn in as interim president on July 4.

Since then, Egypt has been the scene of rival rallies and clashes between thousands of the supporters and opponents of Morsi.


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