Rohani: Quds day symbol of Islam World unity

Rohani: Quds day symbol of Islam World unity
Fri Aug 2, 2013 16:47:50

Iranian president-elect Hassan Rohani says the International Quds Day is a day when people demonstrate Islam world's unity in the face of any oppression and aggression.

Participating in mass demonstration of the Quds Day on Friday in Iranian capital, Tehran, Rohani said, “in our region, under the shadow of occupation of the land of Palestine and the dear Quds, there's been a wound for years on the body of the Islam world and this (day) reminds that Muslim people will not forget their historic right and will resist against oppression and aggression”.

Millions of Iranians from all walks of life took to the streets nationwide in solidarity with the Palestinian nation, voicing their anger at the policies of the Israeli regime and its allies and calling for the liberation of Palestine.

Referring to latest so-called peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, brokered by the United States, Rohani criticized continued violations of Palestinians rights by Israeli authorities and said, “in a condition that the Islamic World is challenging with problems, the Zionists think they have found a good opportunity to show a compromising face while in fact they continue their aggressions and violations in the land of Palestine”.

Following Rohani’s remarks some media reports published distorted translations of his remarks which were followed by harsh remarks from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who seized the moment to attack Iranian president-elect.

It was wrongly reported that Rohani had called Israel a wound that must be cleansed.

Netanyahu tried to link Rohani’s reoprted remarks with Iran’s civilian nuclear program, saying that, “The president has changed in Iran but the goal of the regime remains to build a nuclear weapon to threaten Israel, the Middle East and peace and security throughout the world”.

The Israeli regime along with its biggest supporter the United States, have been leading a massive propaganda against Iran’s nuclear program.

Adopting a policy of transparency as a committed member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Tehran has been providing the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency with many documents on its nuclear activities to show its civilian nature.

Rohani, who was previously Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, is widely believed to make progress in solving the West’s standoff on Tehran’s nuclear activities, a condition which is not favored by Israel.

Israel is the only nuclear-armed regime in the Middle East and has refused to sign the NPT and work under IAEA inspection.

In August 1979, the late founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini declared the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day, calling on Muslims across the world to mark the annual occasion by holding street rallies.

Millions of people around the world take to the streets on this day in a show of support for the people of Palestine, demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, East al-Quds (Jerusalem), and the Gaza Strip, and are demanding that Israel withdraw from the Palestinian territories occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War.


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