Fresh clashes leave 60 militants killed in Aleppo

Fresh clashes leave 60 militants killed in Aleppo
Fri Jun 21, 2013 20:08:59

More than 60 militants have been killed in Syrian army’s North Storm operation in Aleppo between Sakhour and Suleiman al-Halabi districts.

According to al-Alam reporter clashes are still going on and the area is surrounded by Syrian soldiers.

The fighting, which erupted following militants’ attempts to attack Syrian soldiers in Sakhour, was the heaviest since army started its operation in Salah al-Din district located near Sakhour and Suleiman al-Halabi districts at north of the city of Aleppo.

More than 1200 militants have been killed so far in Salah al-Din which was one of main militants’ strongholds in Aleppo.

Aleppo is Syria's largest city, and Salah al-Din is considered a vital supply route for country’s troops coming from the south.

The area has been scene of continuous clashes between army and foreign-backed terrorists who try to recapture it every time they lose it to the army.

One of the commanders of the so-called Free Syrian Army, Abu Nasr al-Batoushi was quoted by Lebanese Asia News that they were defeated in the fighting because some of their members as well as one of the local tribal leaders were cooperating with the Syrian army.

He said an insider lead the militants in a way that they fell in the trap of the army which lead into clashes that left some 30 insurgents dead.

A video of the incident posted online by militant groups, showed one of the armed man who was hiding in what seemed to be a sewage hole while several dead bodies were lying around.

The man who is referred as an Egyptian fighter in the video is trying to collect bodies from under a bridge where clashes occured, but he gets shot.

Fallowing their loss, militants started firing more than 40 rockets at al-Meydan and Suleiman al-Halabi to retaliate.

The army targeted the center where rockets were fired, as a result of which another estimated 30 militants were killed.

Syrian army is conducting an operation against terrorists in Aleppo, dubbed “North Storm”, following its victory in the western town of Qusayr which was the most important bastion for terrorists groups, especially al-Nusra Front.

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