Syria's army announces gains in Aleppo battle

Syria's army announces gains in Aleppo battle
Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:35:33

Syrian forces have attacked foreign-backed militants around Haam city near Lebanon border as the army continues its mop-up operation in the southeastern areas, al-Alam reports.

The Army operation against foreign backed militants in the southern city of Haam was finished on Thursday morning as it was considered one of the key operations of the army.

According to al-Alam correspondent, heavy fighting was also reported in eastern countryside of Aleppo on Thursday morning.

The campaign against militant groups in the strategic city of Aleppo is conducted in the southern and northern countryside of the city with two different objectives.

Moreover the Syrian army operation is continued near al-Negharain city near Aleppo countryside.

Clearing this city of militant groups is among the key aims of security forces as it was located near International Airport of Aleppo.

This is while the Syrian army also made great advancement near al-Mansoureh area in suburb of Aleppo. Syrian forces have killed great number of militants in this area.

While the operation in southern parts of the city aims at securing the Syrian Army’s supply routes to Aleppo and northern Syria, the campaign in northern parts zeros in on cutting off insurgents’ supply lines.

The Army regained full control of Kafar Hamra, a suburb of Aleppo. Government forces liberated the area after heavy fighting with the foreign-backed militants.

According to the analysts, the fighting is the beginning of an end to the war between government forces and foreign-backed Takfiri insurgents. They believe if the Syrian army manages to clear the countryside of Aleppo, the whole situation in Syria will change drastically.

The Syrian Army’s latest success comes days after it recaptured the strategic city of Qusayr. 

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