120 militants killed in Syria's Aleppo

120 militants killed in Syria's Aleppo
Wed Jun 12, 2013 20:59:42

At least 120 gunmen have been killed in clashes near the Syrian city of Aleppo as the country's army makes fresh advances in the strategic city.

Takfiri militants were killed in fighting on Wednesday in the suburbs of the city.

There are no more details about this incident yet.

This follows an earlier announcement by the army that it has regained full control of Kafar Hamra near Aleppo.

Government forces liberated the area after heavy fighting with insurgents.

The army started an operation against terrorists in Aleppo, dubbed “North Storm”, following its victory in the western town of Qusayr which was the most important bastion for terrorists groups, especially al-Nusra Front.

The main militants’ strongholds in the province which are the tree towns of Nubbul, al-Zahra and Andan were completely surrounded by army forces on Sunday while clashes are reported in other parts of the vast province as well.

Syrian army has made considerable gains against foreign-backed terrorists during the past months, which has made many of them either flee or surrender.

However with the support of the United States and its western and regional allies for arming the militants, concerns are still high for Syrian people who have suffered a massive bloodshed for more than two year.

The United States is going to decide this week whether to provide lethal aid to the militants to fight against the government.

Militant leaders have warned Washington that they could suffer heavy losses without lethal support.

They also announced that they will not take parts in dialogues to end the bloodshed unless they receive more arms from their foreign supporters.

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