Rebels against political solution to Syria crisis

Rebels against political solution to Syria crisis
Thu Jun 13, 2013 14:35:00

The chief of so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) says crisis in the country would come to an end only through military conflict, al-Alam reports.

Referring to the serious condition shaped in Syria, Riad al-Asaad said he has not believed in any political means to end the months-long crisis.

He said the security situation in Syria has become so shaky and a stronger rebels’ military presence is needed more than before.

The dissident figure who lost his leg about two months ago during a clash with army troops told Lebanon’s al-nahar newspaper that he hoped that the opposition forces receive all necessary arms in need to gain victory in the conflict.

Despite Syrian army continuous operations to clear the strongholds previously captured by foreign-backed rebels in recent weeks, the dissident commander claimed that Syrian army forces are worn out.

Al-Asaad said he attends the Geneva II conference if he is assured that the preconditions set forth by armed militant groups would be implemented.

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