Rebels suffer major defeat in Qusayr: Nusra Cmdr

Rebels suffer major defeat in Qusayr: Nusra Cmdr
Mon Jun 3, 2013 19:14:50

A detained Al-Nusra commander in Syria’s al-Qusayr says the rebel groups have suffered a heavy defeat against Syrian army in the strategic town.

According to media reports, the commander said most of rebels’ bases in Qusayr were destroyed following the army’s operation in the area.

“We attempted to dig tunnels and filled them with all kinds of arms. The Syrian forces’ victory over rebels is unnatural and crazy,” he was quoted by an anonymous source.

“I have several experiences in several complex missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, I have even fought with Qadhafi in Libya, but I have never seen men so determined and fearless in my life as I saw in Qusayr; they were even better that us in death… in a way that I can say al-Nusra forces fled al-Qusayr in the first attack,” he said.

He said they lost control over the town when army’s backup teams which he taught belonged to Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, entered the fight.

Syrian army started an operation in Qusayr on May 19, which was one of the main bastions of al-Nusra front terrorists.

Al-Nusra’s commanding center was destroyed in the operation and many parts of the town as well as its surrounding areas came under control of the country.

On Monday Syrian deputy Prime Minister Walid al-Moallem said the government was trying to restore security back into the region.

Regarding UN and Red Cross calls for ceasefire in Qusayr, Moallem said he is surprised by "the rising voices on the situation in al-Qusayr, whereas we didn't hear this worry when the terrorists seized the city and its countryside and committed the ugliest crimes against the citizens for over 18 months".


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