Groups of militants sent to battle in Qusayr:Sabra

Groups of militants sent to battle in Qusayr:Sabra
Sat Jun 1, 2013 11:08:45

Hundreds of foreign-backed militants have been sent to Syria’s al-Qusayr to fight against the army which already has control over major parts of the town.

"Around 1,000 fighters from across Syria" have penetrated the city near the Lebanese border, head of the so-called Syrian National Council George Sabra told reporters in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Friday.

Sabra did not elaborate when the militants entered the city, located about 35 kilometers (22 mile) south of Homs Province.

The militants have been deployed to Qusayr after Syrian soldiers gained major advantages against the foreign-backed militants in the flashpoint city in the recent weeks.

On Friday, Syrian Army forces drove back a group of militants who were attempting to enter the country from the Lebanese border through the al-Sirhaniyeh neighborhood of al-Qusayr.

According to SANA news agency, Syrian government forces confronted the militants, killing a large number of them. Some of the gunmen managed to flee back into Lebanon.

On Thursday, the Syrian Army made more gains in its fight against militants in Qusayr, and established their control over the towns of Brak, Jawadieh and Arjoun on the outskirts of the city.

The fighting for al-Qusayr, which straddles strategic supply routes important for the militants, started on May 19 after the army surrounded the area and successfully entered the town.

The command center of the al-Nusra Front has been destroyed in the battle and the army has taken control over the city center and municipality building as well as nearby al-Daba’a Airport.

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