Syrian army confirms Qatari presence in Qusayr

Fri May 31, 2013 20:49:04

The Syrian Army has discovered evidence in its battle for al-Qusayr clearly confirming presence of Qatari-affiliated terrorists in the city, Al-Alam reports.

Al-Alam correspondent in Syria reported that the Syrian army forces have collected military clothes left by terrorist agents, which indicate al-Nusra Front terrorists and those armed terror groups which receive support from the Qatari government have been fighting the Syrian army in al-Qusayr. 

The Syrian army divided the border city of al-Qusayr to two sections yesterday in its bid to exercise full control over the southern part of the city, according to Al-Alam correspondent.

Al-Alam also reported that armed terrorists had occupied al-Qusayr hospital and turned it into a field hospital to treat their members’ injuries.

According to the report, Syrian army forces have also managed to take full control of a road connecting Ba’albak to Homs province. The road was under the watch of sniper terrorists, the report said.

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