Iran protests against US police killing Iranian national

Iran protests against US police killing Iranian national
Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:20:50

Iran sent a letter of protest to Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, which represents Iranian interests in the United States, about the US police shooting an Iranian national to death, and demanded outright investigation of the “heinous crime”.


(IRNA) -- Some US media revealed that Iranian national Bijan Ghaisar had been killed by the US police in Alexandria, Virginia, eastern US, on November 17. 
Bijan, 25, shot three times in the head at a very close range, suffered irreversible brain damage and died after 10 days of life support.
The full text of the letter is as follows: 
" In the name of the Almighty
The Interest Sections of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC presents its compliments to the Embassy of Pakistan, and has the honor to inform the esteemed Embassy of Pakistan that it has learned the sad news that an unnamed Iranian national, Bijan Ghaisar (25), has been shot to death by the US Park Police for no apparent reason.
The Park Police and Fairfax County Police have claimed that the victim was involved in hit and run accident. However, the evidence is clear that the automobile which he was driving had no sign of him being involved in any accident. This is nothing but a flagrant police brutality which up to this point has not made it public as to why they have shot this person three times in the head at a very close range; from an eyewitness account.
Had it been a reverse case when an American was shot to head by the police in an Islamic country, the US Department of State would be the first to condemn this as an act of terrorism, but when their own Park Police murders a national of another country in a cold-blooded act, nothing is being heard; and contrary to all norms of any murderous act that are being investigated and reported within less than 4 hours, this criminal act has purposely been kept in a cloak f secrecy for over two weeks.
Nevertheless, the Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while sympathizing with the victim's family and wishing them forbearance, condemns this act of violence and heinous crime committed by the Park Police in the strongest term and demands from the responsible parties and/or FBI immediate information and convincing response over the unjustifiable death of Mr. Bijan Ghaisar without further ado. 
It is respectfully requested that this note be forwarded to the US Department of State at the Embassy’s earliest possible time and that the Interest Section be advised of this measure.
The Interest Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC avails itself of this opportunity to renew the assurances of its highest consideration to the Embassy of Pakistan. "