U.K. Terrorism Report on Saudi Arabia may be Kept Secret

U.K. Terrorism Report on Saudi Arabia may be Kept Secret
Thu Jun 1, 2017 12:19:10

The results of a government-sponsored inquiry into the sources of funding for terror militant groups operating in the U.K. may be kept hidden forever due to the nature of its findings, the U.K.'s Home Office has said, according to local media.

The investigation was reportedly authorized by former Prime Minister David Cameron during his Conservative administration's bid to convince the Liberal Democrat opposition to approve British airstrikes against positions held by the ISIS in Syria in December 2015.

The Liberal Democrats were satisfied and, the following month, British intelligence began looking into how foreign entities transferred funds to promote radical ideology in the U.K.

According to a report published Wednesday in The Guardian, however, the Home Office not only declined to disclose any information regarding its findings, it suggested it may never do so, due to the "very sensitive" nature of the results. which are believed to contain references to Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the U.K. and known sponsor of ultraconservative Wahhabist Sunni Muslim ideology around the world.

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