Partially Deaf and Blind Man to be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Partially Deaf and Blind Man to be Beheaded in Saudi Arabia
Thu Jun 1, 2017 10:12:20

A disabled man is set to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia after a court upheld a death sentence against him.

Munir Adam, 23, is deaf and visually impaired and has been sentenced to death for taking part in a protest. His hearing and vision were impaired during a childhood accident.

Adam appealed the death sentence, but was rejected by the court. He has just one more opportunity to appeal the decision before the King signs his death warrant, according to The Independent.

Adam took part in a political demonstration in 2012, and was sentenced to death last year.

He was charged in a secret trial at the Specialised Criminal Court for violent acts at a protest, yet no evidence was produced apart from a signed confession. It is alleged he was forced to sign the confession.

Human rights campaigners have called on the US government to condemn the decision and intervene in Saudi Arabia's continued torture and execution of protestors.

Maya Foa, director of human rights group Reprieve, told the Daily Mail: "The Trump Administration must now urgently stand up for American values - they must call for the release of Munir, and all others who face execution for simply exercising freedom of expression."

She said by failing the raise the human rights issue during his visit, he had "emboldened" the Kingdom to continue human rights abuses.

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