Widening Differences Reported among Terrorists in Western Damascus

Widening Differences Reported among Terrorists in Western Damascus
Mon Dec 26, 2016 14:13:57

Widening differences have been reported among terrorists in two towns in Western Ghouta over how to join the peace plan with the Syrian Army, media sources disclosed.

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The Arabic language al-Hadath news website reported that terrorists in the town of Maday intend to ask for government's amnesty and stay in the town, while most of the terrorists in al-Zabadani town want to leave their town for Idlib.

People in Madaya have called for evacuation of terrorists from their town.

National committee and activists of the towns of Madaya, Baqin and al-Zabadani have offered a plan based on which they have called for maintaining ceasefire, halting military operations, restoring security to the region, and signing a peace agreement directly with the army and exit of terrorist groups.

Based on the Aleppo agreement, it was also agreed that 1,500 of the injured and patient civilians in the militant-basieged towns of Fuaa and Kafraya in Idlib leave the towns to government-controlled regions and in return 1,500 militants leave Madaya and al-Zabadani. 

Meantime, militant groups in three towns joined nationwide reconciliation plan and pulled their forces back from the towns in Western Ghouta.

The militant groups admitted to join the peace agreement with Damascus and retreated from the towns of Kafr Hour, Beit Tima and Beit Saber, while the Syrian Army's last ultimatum to militants in the town of Beit Jin and its farm adjacent to Quneitra will end this afternoon.

Analysts believe that the terrorist front in Western Damascus collapsed and that's why the reconciliation plan is expanding in more regions, including those regions that were witnessing clashes between army and militants.

Informed sources said that fresh achievements and advances of the army in Aleppo sped up reconciliation in Western Ghouta and expanded to Quneitra province now, specifically the Central parts of the town of Naba al-Sakhar in Southern Quneitra.

Al-Shamiyeh Front has evacuated its bases in the neighborhoods of al-Khazrajiyeh in the town of Sa'asa towards Beit Jin, while the terrorists affiliated to the Free Syrian Army left their positions in al-Hareh al-Qarbiyeh and withdrawn to the town of Maqr al-Mir.

Other sources underlined that terrorists in al-Khazrajiyeh left their bases without their heavy weapons after the army agreed their evacuation to regions other than Idlib.



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