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VIDEO: Iraqi Forces Seized Quarter of the Mosul City

Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:54:24

In a part of Mosul that had been reclaimed from the so-called of Islamic State group (ISIS) days ago, Iraqi special forces were attacked on Sunday by drones operated by ISIS terrorist inside the city. Iraqi special forces in Al-Barid Neighborhood reorganizing themselves to attack ISIS from another district.

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Iraqi soldiers were seen shooting at a drone flying over, dropping small explosives onto Al Barid neighbourhood in Mosul.

The Iraqi army has stopped advancing inside the city of Mosul because of heavy fighting from ISIS terrorists.

Iraqi special forces member Ali Khawan said they were reorganizing themselves "to be able to attack another neighborhood."

The Mosul offensive involves tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and police, as well as Kurdish fighters, Shiite militias and Sunni tribesmen (Iraqi Hashd Al Shaabi).

Iraqi forces have seized around a quarter of the city - the country's second largest - since the operation began on 17 October.

Local resident Shayma Ghanim fled from her house with her children to another neighborhood fifteen days ago to escape the fighting.

She returned for the first time on Sunday morning to find her home had been hit by a mortar.

"This is like a shock. I can't believe what happened. After it happened our situation got worse. When I came from the road, I was shocked. We just want to return to our home, because I have children," Shayma told.

"We were in another neighbourhood, in the el-Masarf neighbourhood. I'm scared to return to my home, because I have children. But as you know, I can't just stay in another house. My children want to go back to their home, that is why we came back," she added.

The International Organization for Migration said on Sunday that at least 103,872 people have fled their homes since the operation began. The city was still home to more than a million people when the offensive began two months ago


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