VIDEO: Syria Army Reinforced in Aleppo; Major Assault on Terrorists Soon

Sat Nov 26, 2016 14:18:57

Over 1000 Syrian soldiers arrived to Aleppo city to join and speed up Syrian Army offensive against terrorist inside Aleppo. Syrian Social Nationalist Party Forces (SSNP) and Syrian marines most deployed from Latakia arrived in the Aleppo on Friday to open new fronts in terrorist-held Fronts.

Alalam - Syria

According to “AMN” field reporter in the latest events SAA elite forces, Syrian Army Tiger Forces impose full control over the Al-Abbas Mosque, the Hanano Cultural Center and all surrounding region could secure majority of the Hanano district in northeastern Aleppo.

Also Syrian Republican Guard and allied forces Palestinian paramilitary Liwa Al Quds seized the police hill and a handful of buildings at the Sheikh Lufti area in southeastern Aleppo.

Reportedly because of highly populated terrorist held neighborhoods of Old Aleppo SAA Military High Command are trying to reach a diplomatic deal to prepare safe civilians corridors to exit.

According to Al-Masdar now Syrian Tiger Forces, Desert Hawks Brigade, the 4th Mechanized Division, the Republican Guard, the Al-Baath Brigades, the Interior Ministry's special forces, the SSNP forces, Syrian Marines, Liwa Al Quds, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters , Iraqi Shia fighter of  Harakat al-Nujba (Nujba Movement), and Afghani Shia Liwa Fatemiyoun are taking part in decisive final battle for Aleppo.

Latest Aleppo War Map

Death of Prominent Syrian Army Commander in Hanano

According to “RT” report from Syrian Arab Army's (SAA) operations inside the Hanano neighbourhood a Syrian officer said “Islamist factions left behind numerous wounded comrades during their retreat from the Hanano district”.

In fact, during clashes in the depicted area of the Hanano district, 3 rebel militants were confirmed to have been captured while at least 12 insurgents were killed. However, a prominent Tiger Forces commander, Wael Taffouh, was also killed during the advance on Friday.

Wael Taffouh helped lead the liberation of Kuweiris Airbase in late 2015 and the recent battle at the 1070 Housing Project in western Aleppo.

Hundreds of airstrikes and artillery shells have targeted rebel-held Aleppo over the past week, effectively laying the groundwork for the Tiger Forces massive advance into the northeastern flank of Aleppo city.


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