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VIDEO: Syrian Army Offensive in Aleppo Begins for Separating Terror Groups

Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:48:25

The battle of east Aleppo is about to heats-up and take a turn for terrorist of Fatah Halab as Syrian Army attacked them from several axes to split terrorist groups.

Alalam - Syria

Based on the latest attack of Syrian Republican Guard and Allied Palestinian paramilitary, the Syrian Armed Forces (SAA) are attempting to split the pocket along the southern part of the Hanano and Sheikh Khodr districts.

By splitting the pocket, the Syrian Armed Forces can solely focus on the heavily fortified Sakhour District, which was originally untouchable due to its large buffer-zone around all front.

The offensive strategy for the Syrian Arab Army in east Aleppo is reliant on splitting the entire terrorists pocket in two, leaving the militants no choice: surrender or leave, “AMN” reports.

In past offensives in the West Ghouta region of rural Damascus, the Syrian Armed Forces used these same military tactics to capture Moadhimiyah Al Sham and Darayya.


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