Five Things You Don’t Know About Syria Strategic Battlefield of Aleppo

Five Things You Don’t Know About Syria Strategic Battlefield of Aleppo
Fri Sep 23, 2016 19:11:28

Once an economic powerhouse, Aleppo and its surrounding countryside have suffered heaviest violence in Syria's five-year conflict that has cost more than 300,000 lives, According to latest UN figures when announced no more would counting victims and casualties.

Here are five facts about the northern city, which has been roughly divided into a Syrian Army controlled in the west and a terrorists-held in the east since July 2012 and where the government said Thursday it had launched a new offensive.

1. War comes to Aleppo in July 2012

In April-May 2011, rebels took control of several parts of Aleppo province which they would later use as launchpads for a massive July 2012 offensive on the city.

The army fought back with tanks, leaving Aleppo divided into east and west.  The first air strikes in Syria's war followed.

Since then, Aleppo has been split between zones controlled by the rebels and those by the Syrian Army, with its province divided up between Syrian Army and terrorist group which west and opposition of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad categorized as rebels, jihadists, Islamists and Kurds.
2. Major stake in conflict

Aleppo, Syria's second city, is strategically vital to all sides in the conflict and the army has made its conquest one of its priorities.

Syrian Soldiers

Aleppo's fate is seen as key to the outcome of the war and a possible Russian-backed ground offensive against the “rebel-Islamist alliance” which controls the east of the city could be a potential turning point, According to AFP analyst.
3. A devastated city

The once-flourishing city with its globally renowned old town and souk markets has been reduced to a site of devastation.

Since December 2013, bombing of terrorist positions by Syrian Army which hide them in civilian regions to use people as civilian shields , Western coalition led by US Bombing ISIS, Nusra and other groups , clashes between different groups of terrorists like formerly named Nusra Front now Fateh Al Sham Front , Islamic State (ISIS , ISIL, IS and Daesh) other terrorist coalition like Ahrar Al sham, Jaish Al Islam , Jaish al Fateh by heavy weapons made by Western, Israeli, Saudi Arabia and other partner in Persian Gulf and other heavy weapon made by hands like Hell Canon , continuous brutal attack of terrorists at pro government neighborhoods and especially US bombings in different location turn the city to rubbles.

Terrorists also use deadly rocket fire on pro-government neighborhoods.

4. Last supply route severed

Since July 17, Aleppo's rebel neighborhoods have been totally under siege, after Syrian forces cut off the last supply route. Of course army open 10 civilian tunnel for who want to exit the terrorist held regions and also armed men can surrender themselves without any punishment under presidential amnesty.

Meanwhile in 12nd day of  September when US-Russia ceasefire stablished and Syria Government allow  delivery of humanitarian supplies, missiles rained down on Convoy and 18 truck destroyed. It is noticeable that some days ago more than 100 Syrian Soldiers Killed in US-Led coalition Bombardment.

Coalition Bombing Syrian Base for 1 hour although Russian informed the US that they are bombing Syrian Army Base. Why they bombed the Syrian soldiers and who bombed UN Aid convoy is crystal clear.
According to the Observatory, at least 130 civilians were killed between July 31 and September 8, while more than 700 fighters also died.
5. Ancient city

Provincial capital Aleppo is one of the world's oldest cities to have been constantly inhabited since at least 4,000 BC, thanks to its strategic position between the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq.

The manufacturing center, renowned for its textiles, is situated at the crossroads of major trading routes, and numerous civilizations succeeded each other on its soil.

Aleppo's citadel

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986, Aleppo citadel, a jewel of Islamic architecture in the Middle Ages, was built in stages over three centuries from the 10th century.

Aleppo's citadel

It was damaged by a blast in July 2015. Two years earlier, fighting destroyed the minaret of the Ummayad mosque and before that a fire ripped through the ancient souk, partially destroying it.

After Attack

Ummayad mosque 4 Minarates


All the Attack was made by ISIS who know everybody and every heritage as heretic like Taliban who bombed Buddhas of Bamiyan.

Buddhas of Bamiyan

Buddhas of Bamiyan After Destruction by Taliban



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