Kurdish Forces Destroy Turkish Army Tank Northern Syria near Aleppo

Kurdish Forces Destroy Turkish Army Tank Northern Syria near Aleppo
Sun Aug 28, 2016 16:35:35

The predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) destroyed a tank of the Turkish army in Northern Syria.

It was the first tank destroyed by the SDF fighters in the border town of Jarabulus in Aleppo province in Northern Syria in retaliation for the Turkish army's deployment of forces and tanks there.

A Turkish soldier was also wounded in the SDF's attacks.

Earlier on Sunday, Turkish warplanes and artillery units targeted positions of the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and residential areas on the Southern side of Jarabulus town, claiming the lives of at least 40 people.

Human rights watch announced that at least 20 civilians were killed in the Turkish fighter jets' attacks on residential areas in Jarabulus, meantime Kurdish sources confirmed that over 20 YPG fighters have been killed and many more have been wounded in the Turkish airstrikes in Jarabulus.

YPG's centers in the village of Tal al-Emareneh were also bombed by the Syrian fighters jets.

Also on Saturday, Turkish warplanes conducted airstrikes against the Syrian Democratic Forces in Northern Syria, as Ankara claims that it has started its military operation, 'Euphrates Shield', to cleanse ISIL terrorists from its border with Syria.

Turkish fighter jets pounded civilian homes and positions of a group allied to the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of al-Amarna, South of Jarabulus, in Aleppo province.

The Jarabulus Military Council group said in a statement that the attack caused civilian casualties, and called it "a dangerous escalation that threatens the fate of the region".

The council asked Ankara to stop the attacks against the Kurdish forces, warning that "they know how to protect themselves".

The Turkish Army with the air support of the US-led coalition started a military operation on Wednesday to allegedly drive ISIL out of Jarabulus town. Turkish special forces entered Syrian territory as Ankara began cross-border “Euphrates Shield” military operation against the ISIS group early on Wednesday. The YPG Kurdish forces and the Free Syrian Army were both racing towards Jarabulus to take the city after ISIS started withdrawing from the Northern Aleppo city.

According to CNN Turk broadcaster, about 200 service personnel from armored forces and 150 special forces troops were involved in the Euphrates Shield military operation in Syria. At least 13 Turkish F-16 fighters, two rescue aircraft, one tanker aircraft and a plane equipped with airborne warning and control systems (AWACS) provided air support for the Turkish military.

A senior Turkish official also said Thursday that there were now more than 20 Turkish tanks inside Syria and that additional tanks and construction machinery would be sent in as required.

The Syrian foreign ministry condemned Ankara's cross-border military operation and entry of Turkish special forces and tanks into Northern Syria.

"Damascus condemns the entry of Turkish army's tanks into Northern Syria as a blatant violation of its sovereignty," a Syrian foreign ministry official said on Wednesday.

The Syrian government also reacted to the Turkish officials' claims that the Turkish troops have entered Northern Syria to fight the ISIS terrorists, and said, "Fighting the ISIS will not be realized by only running the ISIS from Northern Syria and replacing it with other terrorist groups supported by Turkey", FNA reported.


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