PHOTOS: Blonde, Blue-Eyed Girls Particularly Popular: ISIS Sex Slave Captured in Iraq

PHOTOS: Blonde, Blue-Eyed Girls Particularly Popular: ISIS Sex Slave Captured in Iraq
Sun Aug 14, 2016 14:39:43

A WOMAN who was tortured and enslaved by ISIS terrorists says they are mainly looking to target Western women for sex trafficking.

She said that women with blonde hair and blue eyes are a valuable commodity amongst evil ISIS militants who sexually abuse then sell their kidnapped victims for money.

ISIS are involved in the capture and attempted indoctrination of young girls and women around the world.

Now as it's been revealed 15-year-old schoolgirls Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, who left their homes in Bethnal Green in February 2015, will not be allowed to return to the UK, the terror group is stepping up its search for victims.

ISIS are known to target young victims online with false promises including wealth, marriage and forgiveness of sin.

However once caught in their web they are usually enslaved and abused in an abhorrent manner before being disposed of.

Their twisted methodology, which is regarded as "haram" in Islam, extends as far as deliberately impregnating their victims in order to flush out the gene pool and bloodline of females with fair skin and light eyes.

Yazidi woman Nadia Murad who was kidnapped and sold as a slave after her family was massacred said all women have to be careful no matter where they are.

She said: "Blonde, blue-eyed and fair-skinned girls were particularly in demand.

"Fear is present in everyone.

"But it does not help.

"Death has lost its terrors.

"Death is harmless compared to the hell we all had to go through."

Blonde, blue-eyed and fair-skinned girls were particularly in demand

Nadia Murad

 Australian teenagers Sabina Selimovic and Samra Kesinovic left the country to join ISIS in April 2014.

The pair left a note to their parents that said: "Don't look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him."

They were believed to have been radicalized after reading about jihad on the Internet through their attendance of a Viennese mosque.

Kesinovic, 17, was killed in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa last year after travelling to Syria.

She was beaten to death with a hammer after trying to escape from sexual slavery.

While Selimovic was apparently killed while fighting, Express reported.


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