Obama’s Lack of any Real Strategic Plan against ISIS Led These Genocides: ISIS Sex Slave

Obama’s Lack of any Real Strategic Plan against ISIS Led These Genocides: ISIS Sex Slave
Sun Jun 12, 2016 14:29:51

ISIS Sex Slave broke long silence.Only known as Sevi, a 49-year-old mother was so traumatized by the so-called ISIS thugs that she didn’t speak for months after being rescued. Finally, after she ended up in a Christian camp, she opened up about what happened and broke her long silence, revealing the horrors she and her kids endured by some of the most vicious scumbags of the ISIS.

Sevi and her four kids were abducted from her home by ISIS (Daesh) thugs who turned her into a sex slave. No one ever heard what happened to the men of the village of Telbenatin in Northern Iraq, but from most accounts, there is little doubt they were all murdered. Now, Sevi shares the gruesome tale of what happened to the women and the children at the hands of the hungry thugs of the ISIS.

She revealed that the ISIS militants distributed the women and young girls among themselves, forced them into permanent marriages, and traded them “for only $10.” Sevi was sold to a first class torturer from Tunisia who sexually abused her nightly with her kids in the same room. They traveled with a group of ISIS militants who all had sex slaves and also kept captured kids.

Sevi tearfully continued her sad story, saying the ISIS thugs then tried to make her eleven-year-old daughter into a sex slave, but she convinced them her daughter was ill. They laughed at her, knowing they would torture all of the kids they had captured anyway.

As food stores grew depleted, Sevi says they were starving, only having a few crumbs of bread a day. Apparently, the ISIS terrorist also had little food and that is when they took out their hunger and rage on the kids. These horrible men took the kids and tied them up like livestock out in the hot desert sun, leaving them roasting there for hours.

Then, the sick ISIS monsters taunted the kids with water but would not relieve their intense thirst. The torture then began, whipping them like animals in a cage with the sweltering sun beating down on them. This went on for days — the hungrier they got, the worse the beatings were. Sevi feared her kids would die from the torture as she watched other small children waste away from dehydration.

Finally, Sevi escaped one night. She knew she would die along with her children if she did not try to make it out of there. Now, speaking from a Christian rescue camp, she says her guilt consumes her — the guilt that she survived when others she left behind are dead or still living in the hell she came from.

This is one story out of thousands of Christians and Yazidis who are suffering in the worst ways possible at the hands of these inhumane ISIS thugs, all because they won’t obey them. Americans do care, and that’s why we want a president who will use our military as a force for good. America can’t police the whole world, but Barack Obama’s lack of any real strategic plan to take out ISIS has led to this genocide. America won’t be secure until ISIS is wiped off the face of the earth, Abna reported.


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