Being Married and Then Raped by ISIS at Sex Slavery Camp: Christian Slave

Being Married and Then Raped by ISIS at Sex Slavery Camp: Christian Slave
Sun Jun 5, 2016 17:23:31

An Iraqi Christian woman who escaped from ISIS terrorists spoke out about the horrors she faced while held in Mosul.

Her extremist captors repeatedly performed fake marriage ceremonies to apparently justify the multiple times she was raped, according to Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge on “Shepard Smith Reporting”.

The unidentified woman was “married and divorced” as many as nine times a night she said, shaking and sobbing in a video interview by the nonprofit group In Defense of Christians. A tape and partial transcript of the interview were reviewed by Fox News.

“They had me whenever they would desire it,” said the woman. “Especially this one, Farouk, who was obsessed with me and he would say, ‘I like the people of Jesus.'”

In Defense of Christians President Toufic Baaklini said the woman wanted her story, which is not an uncommon one, to be told to raise awareness of the atrocities being committed, Herridge reported.

“She asked for her story to be heard in the United States – that it is happening not only to her,” said Baaklini. “It’s happened to many, many Christians, Yazidis and Yazidi woman, and others.”

The woman told how her husband disappeared in 2014 after ISIS took control of Mosul. She set out to find him taking her baby with her after leaving her two older children with neighbors. She and the baby were taken to a slavery camp at a former school after ISIS members confronted her and saw the crucifix tattoo on her arm, according to Herridge.

She was able to escape the “school of death” when one of the ISIS fighters who was from her Mosul neighborhood recognized her and allowed her to slip out.

A document provided to Fox by IDC appeared to be an ISIS price list for slaves, referring to women and children as “Merchandise” and “Spoils of War,” Herridge reported. Though Fox News could not verify the authenticity of the form, independent reviews by outside experts confirmed it was consistent with other flyers by ISIS, Fox News reported.


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