VIDEO: America Claims USS Truman Aircraft Carrier Launches Attacks against ISIS

Sun Jun 5, 2016 12:40:04

The United States has claimed that the aircraft carrier USS Truman has been deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean in support of operation “Inherent Resolve” against the Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS / ISIL) group in Iraq and Syria.

Fighter jets took off for the first time from the Mediterranean Sea on Friday to conduct sorties over the skies of Syria and Iraq.

The USS Truman conducted sorties from the Persian Gulf before being redeployed in the Mediterranean.

Since the beginning of its role in operation “Inherent Resolve” in December 2015, the Truman’s air wing has dropped over 1400 bombs, or about 740 tons of ordnance over Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS / ISIL) group’s target, Batchelder said.

Now taking off from the eastern Mediterranean allows in some case to shorten the duration of the flights and therefore to limit refueling in the air when striking in Syria.

S/SH 11

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