ISIS Count Down Begins, Terror Group Prepares for End of ‘Caliphate’

ISIS Count Down Begins, Terror Group Prepares for End of ‘Caliphate’
Wed Jul 13, 2016 19:49:15

With the losses across the region ISIS claims, the terror group’s officials have come to this conclusion that the vision of a “caliphate” across Middle East is not achievable and the terror organization is getting near to its end.

ISIS terror leaders reportedly are preparing for the fall of its so-called caliphate after the Syrian and Iraqi forces made significant gains in recent months in Iraq and Syria.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the terror group’s leaders in Syria are bracing for its strongholds to fall, but vow to continue its wave of terror attacks abroad. US counterterrorism experts believe the recent large-scale attacks in Istanbul and Baghdad are a sign that its reign in the Middle East is dwindling.

Experts still believe that even if the terrorists affiliated with ISIS start to move underground, the group will still remain dangerous abroad.

ISIS officials still believe that its vision of a “caliphate” across the Middle East no longer viable. One also insisted that the group had “shifted some of our command, media and wealth structure to different countries;” New Yourk Post reported.


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