VIDEO: Syrian Army in Control of 90 Percent of Al-Malaah Farms in Aleppo

Thu Jun 30, 2016 19:04:18

The Syrian Army troops and popular forces have pushed the terrorist groups back from nearly 90 percent of al-Malaah farms while clashes between the government forces and terrorists in Northwestern Aleppo have reached a pinnacle.

The operations of the Syrian army in Western Aleppo have culminated five days after their start and intense fighting was reported between the Syrian army and terrorist groups Northwest of Aleppo city.

The Syrian troops which seized 90 percent of al-Malaah farms on Wednesday, withdrew a little from their positions, waiting for fresh forces, equipment and weapons.

Meantime, reports from the region said that the terrorists have also been reinvigorated by hundreds of fresh forces who were earlier stationed in Khan Touman, Zarba, Zaitan and Barnah regions in the Southern parts of Aleppo.

"After they were joined by hundreds of terrorists, they could have limited advance in the Northern parts of Malaah farms after launching heavy suicide attacks against the Syrian army positions," a source told FNA on Thursday.

Sources said on Wednesday that the Syrian army men and Hezbollah fighters have fortified their positions in the Northern and Eastern farms of al-Malaah region and accessed Dibo Shamiyeh.

"Now the Castillo road, the only supply route used by the terrorist groups in the Northern districts of Aleppo is under the heavy attacks of the Syrian government forces, who are only two kilometers away form Hraytan and Castillo road now," they added.

"The Castillo road is under the heavy shelling of the Syrian artillery units now," the sources said.

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