Syrian Army Artillery Units Pound Terrorist Strongholds in Darayya

Syrian Army Artillery Units Pound Terrorist Strongholds in Darayya
Wed Jun 29, 2016 22:33:08

The Syrian Army’s artillery units opened heavy fire at the strongholds of the terrorist groups in the town of Darayya in Southwestern Damascus, while other army units raided the militants' supply lines near the town, battlefield sources said.

"The militant groups positions in Southwestern districts of Darayya have been under heavy shelling of the Syrian artillery units in the past hours," the sources said, adding, "In the meantime, Syrian soldiers have launched a fresh round of offensives to cut off the terrorist groups' supply routes coming from al-Mo'adhamiyeh to put the militants in Darayya under more pressure."

"The Syrian Special Forces, engaged in street battle with militants in Southwestern districts of Darayya, have penetrated over 500 meters into depth of militants' defense lines and are now very close to Nour al-Din mosque," they further added.

In relevant developments in the province on Tuesday, the Syrian Army troops targeted the militants' strongholds in Western Ghouta and took control over more lands in the region.

The Syrian soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorist groups in Southwestern side of the town of Darayya and pushed the militants back from six residential building blocks near Nour al-Din mosque.

The militant groups left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield to evade more casualties, FNA reported.

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