ISIS Militants Intensifying Security Measures in Self-Proclaimed Caliphate Raqqa

ISIS Militants Intensifying Security Measures in Self-Proclaimed Caliphate Raqqa
Tue Jun 21, 2016 16:14:05

The ISIS terrorist group has increased its Hasaba (monitoring-security system) forces' patrolling operations across the capital of its self-proclaimed Caliphate to prevent civilians' access to any information about the Syrian army advances in the battlefields, informed sources said.

"The ISIL Hasaba forces storm public places, including coffee shops and other centers of this kind, and check the civilians' mobiles to find out anybody is receiving up-to-date news about the Syrian army's advances, battlefield development and the Takfiri terrorists' failures," the sources said.

A report said on Monday, the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group executed a young Syrian man in the countryside of the city of Raqqa on charges of spying for coalitions forces.

Mohammad Adnan Kadri was first crucified, then a dagger was put into his hear before he was shot in the head in the presence of dozens of civilians.

Kadri was arrested for taking pictures and videos from places in Raqqa to inform coalition forces of ISIL's positions, houses and hideouts.

In a similar incident in early May, the ISIL executed a man in al-Tabaqa region in the presence of dozens of civilians, FNA reported.


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