Numbers of Foreign ISIS Militants Killed in Syrian Airstrikes in Raqqa Province

Numbers of Foreign ISIS Militants Killed in Syrian Airstrikes in Raqqa Province
Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:33:48

The Syrian fighter jets, in a large-scale anti-ISIS operation, targeted tens of ISIS positions across the town of al-Tabaqa, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

The ISIS strongholds in the neighborhoods of third district, al-Qasem neighborhood, Fayez Mansour street, first district, al-Ariz street, al-Vekalat al-Monghiyeh street and al-Sina'ah streets were massively bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.

Dozens of ISIS terrorists, including several ones with Uzbek nationality, were killed and many more were wounded in the air attacks.

In relevant developments in the province on Sunday, the Syrian warplanes targeted the ISIS defense lines and bases in different parts of Raqqa province, killing a number of militants and pinning the rest of them down behind their positions.

The Syrian Army aircraft bombed the ISIS gatherings and concentration centers in al-Mansoureh, the town of al-Tabaqa and al-Tabaqa airbase, which not only left at least 30 terrorists dead but destroyed their strongholds, FNA reported.

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