VIDEO: Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Advance towards Iraq’s Mosul against ISIS

Tue May 31, 2016 18:25:28

The Kurdish Peshmerga troops, assisted by coalition airstrikes, launched an offensive over the last few days against Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS / ISIL) group positions near Mosul, resolved to retake the city from the militants, British broadcaster Sky News reported.


Footage filmed on Saturday, some twenty miles from Mosul, showed Peshmerga fighters moving forward into the territory previously controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL) group.

In the push, they managed to retake nine villages, most abandoned by the residents when the ISIS took control.

Smoke and flames could be seen rising from the first villages to be retaken after they were pounded by coalition airstrikes and rocket fire.

In one of the villages, an Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS / ISIL) group flag was still flying on a mast.

Islamic State group responded with mortars and sniper fire in an attempt to thwart the assault, Sky reported.

A mortar landed near the Peshmerga forces positions, while one fighter was injured by a sniper.

Islamic State group fighters rely on car bombs, suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices, Peshmerga Commander General Salar Taymour said.

He said they can be defeated, but more help is needed.

Joining in the fight were also Syrian Kurdish troops from the Rojava Peshmerga unit.

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