VIDEO: 5,500 Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Attack ISIS Positions near Mosul

Sun May 29, 2016 19:07:39

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces, assisted by coalition air strikes, launched an attack against Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS / ISIL) group positions east of the city of Mosul on Sunday, according to a Kurdish media network.

The Kurdistan Region Security Council said in a statement that the attack involved about 5,500 Peshmerga fighters.

By 10 a.m. local time (0700 GMT) on Sunday the Peshmerga took Muftia village, about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) southwest of the Khazer river crossing, the statement said.

The earlier frontline was just west of the Khazer.

Rudaw TV aired footage showing Peshmerga forces moving on a road and across a field, with huge plumes of smoke rising into the air as a result of what it said was air strikes.

It was one of many operations aimed at increasing pressure on Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS) militants in and around Mosul, in preparation for an eventual assault on the city itself, the Kurdistan Region Security Council statement said.

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