VIDEO: RAF Uses First Bunker Buster Bombs to Destroy ISIS Tunnel in Euphrates in Iraq

Wed Apr 27, 2016 17:41:04

RAF unleashed its enhanced 2,000lb bunker buster bombs for the first time against ISIS, obliterating a tunnel network in Iraq.

Aerial footage shows the powerful Enhanced Paveway III bombs pounding the entrances to a sprawling underground complex dug deep into the hillsides above the Euphrates in western Iraq.

VIDEO: RAF Use First Bunker Buster Bombs to Destroy ISIS Tunnel in Iraq

Tornado fighter jets scored direct hits on the terror group's lair using one of the latest additions to the RAF's arsenal of weapons.

The EPWIII had been held in reserve by military chiefs who were keeping it for 'particularly challenging underground or hardened targets'.

The UK Ministry of Defence released a video today showing Tornado jets taking aim before the massive bombs destroyed the tunnels below in two huge explosions.

RAF bosses said their aircraft normally carries Paveway IV guided bombs and Brimstone missiles, which can be carried in larger numbers and are more useful for close air support missions.

Brimstone missiles were cited by David Cameron as the kind of UK asset which would make a 'meaningful difference' to the coalition's battle against ISIS in Syria.

The EPWIII bombing raid was one of a series of RAF airstrikes carried out last week.

The Enhanced Paveway III bombs were then deployed for the first time against the terror group on Thursday.

Reapers then destroyed a car-bomb facility and a terrorist vehicle in Syria on Friday while Tornados destroyed an ISIS-built bridge and a communications post in northern Iraq.


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