VIDEO: Woman Cries to ‘Save or Bomb Us’, ISIS Burns 15 for Trying to Escape Fallujah

Wed Apr 6, 2016 17:49:27

ISIS has burned 15 people alive for trying to escape from Fallujah after arresting a woman who pleaded for the West to ‘save us or bomb us’ on television.

The civilians were sentenced to death for trying to flee the city, which is under siege by Iraqi troops having been held by the terror group since January 2014.

Militants have also detained a dissident who went on television to reveal how desperate residents are starving to death while there was now no more medicine to treat the sick.

She told the Al Arabiya News Channel: “People are dying because of hunger, there is no medicine, no food, we have no more options left.”

As she becomes more and more emotional in the clip, she cries: “Save us from Islamic State (Daesh / ISIS) or bomb us with chemical weapons so we will immediately die and not have a slow, agonizing death.

According to the Kurdish news agency ARA, Azal Obaid, of the Anbar Provincial Council, said that ISIS publicly burned 15 people to death after they tried to leave the city, some 30 miles west of the capital Baghdad.

It quotes a source as saying: “Living within the city under the terror group’s authority has become unbearable.”

“Fallujah has been under suffocating blockade for several months. People endure severe shortage of basic materials, amid deteriorating living conditions.”

Obaid said civilians are being used as human shields “to protect its own militants inside the city of Fallujah”.

Last month the jihadist group released pictures of six men being executed on charges of ‘spying’ for the Iraqi government in Fallujah.

ISIS used three different methods to execute their victims, all wearing orange jumpsuits.

The pictures showed masked ISIS fighters in full tactical gear, against the backdrop of a heavily damaged city.

Four of the victims were shot in the head, one was decapitated with a knife and another with an explosive rope.

Fallujah lies in Anbar province and is the terrorist group’s largest remaining stronghold in Iraq after the city of Mosul.

ISIS controlled most of Anbar a few months ago but sweeping military operations by the Iraqi security forces backed by air strikes from the US-led coalition are turning the tide.

Fallujah is almost completely isolated from other ISIS-controlled territory and ISIS is believed to be increasingly struggling to get supplies into the city.

The situation also appears to be causing increased internal tension in Fallujah, with ISIS paranoid that residents are assisting with an impending government offensive.

Terrorists detained dozens of residents of the city last month after clashes between ISIS and Iraqi tribesmen, Daily Mail reported.

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