Syrian Army Units Regain Several Areas from ISIS in Hama

Syrian Army Units Regain Several Areas from ISIS in Hama
Tue Apr 5, 2016 17:38:53

The Syrian army troops supported by the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued their advance against ISIS terrorists, seizing back several regions around the strategic village of Abu Hanaya in the Eastern part of Hama province, a battlefield source said on Tuesday.

"The Syrian soldiers also made another push near the village of Sheikh Hilal, delivering heavy blows to the terrorist group which is under constant blitz by pro-government forces in this part of Hama province," the source indicated.

Meanwhile, a source on the ground reported that Syrian Army and its allies targeted ISIS positions along the Salamiyah-Raqqa road, killing at least 20 Takfiri terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Just two days ago, the Syrian Army and popular forces managed to inflict heavy losses on the al-Nusra Front terrorists, killing at least 50 militants in clashes that erupted in the Northeastern regions of Hama province.

Army units in cooperation with popular defense forces engaged in fierce clashes with al-Nusra militants in al-Zaghba, al-Hweija and Qaser Abu Samra villages Northeast of Hama province and managed to eliminate more than 50 al-Nusra terrorists and injured many more.

Syrian soldiers also destroyed four vehicles and a rocket launcher of the al-Nusra terrorist group during the clashes in Hama province, FNA reported.

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