London Resort Where the ISIS Terrorists Came Together

London Resort Where the ISIS Terrorists Came Together
Tue Feb 9, 2016 16:34:05

The Al Manaar mosque was opened by Prince Charles 15 years ago but it is now the focal point of ISIS terrorists.

When it was unveiled by Prince Charles four months before the 9/11 attacks , the Al Manaar mosque proudly opened its doors to the outside world.

Smiling as he was shown around the prayer hall in the new Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, as it was then known, the Prince praised the modern building in west London.

Now, 15 years on, the same mosque has emerged as the focal point of a network of ISIS extremists which included Mohammed Emwazi - AKA Jihadi John - and two other men, together known as “the Beatles” by the captives they tortured in Syria.

At least nine terrorists, including Emwazi and the failed 21/7 bombers, were radicalised here, in the area better known for the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road market.

Ladbroke Grove is fast becoming known as a breeding ground for ISIS killers, just like other notorious terror hotspots such as Dewsbury, where the 7/7 suicide bombers came from, and Luton, Beds.

Worshippers visiting the mosque for afternoon prayers were saying nothing about the terrorists who congregated in this tucked-away spot beneath the Westway A40 flyover.

Volunteers in the mosque office also refused to comment on the terror links.

The Al Manaar Mosque is also trying to distance itself from the terrorists.

On Sunday its director Saleha Islam said: “Mosques are not like Churches that cater for parishioners, instead it is a place for worship where people come to pray, what sort of ideas they have in their minds is something that we do not know of and we cannot control.”

In a statement on the mosque’s website added: “We are aware that certain people have joined ISIS who live in the area of Ladbroke Grove, we have always condemned the actions of these extremists and will continue to do so.”,Mirror reported.

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