Syrian Warplanes Demolish Totally ISIS Terrorists Training Camp in Raqqa

Syrian Warplanes Demolish Totally ISIS Terrorists Training Camp in Raqqa
Tue Feb 9, 2016 13:22:01

The Syrian fighter jets pounded the ISIS training camp in the Northeastern province of Raqqa, inflicting major losses on the terrorist group.

Scores of the ISIS fresh recruits and military trainers were killed or wounded after one the terrorist group's main training camps came under the Syrian air attacks.

Also on Sunday, the Syrian jets targeted and totally destroyed a major training building used by the ISIS Takfiri terrorists in Raqqa.

The sources said at least thirty three terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured in the aerial attack over the focal point of ISIS-controlled territories in Syria.

Some reports claimed that the building was one of the ISIS's training structures in the city of Raqqa, FNA reported.

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