ISIS Unveils New Terrorist Camp in Egypt in a Series of Propaganda Pictures

ISIS Unveils New Terrorist Camp in Egypt in a Series of Propaganda Pictures
Sun Feb 7, 2016 18:10:30

ISIS unveil new terror training camp in the Egyptian desert in Sinai, Egypt. Although small in number but the Egyptian franchise of so-called “Islamic state” in “Wilayat Sinai” the small group of recruits are shown practicing with weapons and undergoing fitness training.

The images were taken at the Abu Hajr al-Masri training camp, situated in the remote Sinai desert.

Latest Daesh activity in Egypt including killing 224 passengers by a bomb detonated on a Airbus A321 Russian passenger jet in October 2015. Also Two men attacked a hotel in Hurghada last month, with several hotel residents suffering injuries in the attack.

Eighty-eight people were also massacred at Sharm el-Sheikh in 2005, 62 other murdered by terrorist at Luxor at 1997.

There has been calls for Egypt to increase security following the rise of ISIS violences, particularly with the growing threat of an ISIS franchise in Sinai.

Ansar Bait al-Maqdis "Supporters of the Holy House"), was the name of a terrorist group based in Egypt; many Sinai-based members swore allegiance to the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL), and most of the group became a branch of ISIL,renaming itself ISIL in Sinai Province or Wilayat Sinai.


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