Al-Alam News Network in Solidarity with Al-Manar TV

Al-Alam News Network in Solidarity with Al-Manar TV
Tue Dec 8, 2015 16:35:36

Following illegal act of ‘Arabsat’ Satellite authorities in removing Lebanese "Al-Manar" News Channel from the satellite, Al-Alam News Network expressed its solidarity with the network in a message.

According to Al-Alam News Network, authorities of Arabsat stopped broadcasting Al-Manar TV last Friday.

The action that was taken with the direct pressure from Saudi Arabia, also happened against Lebanon Al-Mayadeen TV two days ago, was because of Syria and Yemen news coverage.

About 5 years ago Arabsat banned Al-Alam TV in an illegal operation. In addition to this action, jamming Al-Alam TV programs while broadcasting the peaceful revolution in Bahrain is still continued.

Here’s the letter from Al-Alam News Network Director Dr. Ahmed Sadat to Al-Manar TV:

Professor Ibrahim Farahat,

Peace be upon you and the kindness of God.

We strongly condemn the political approach to your proliferous network and we declare our full support of your channel.

Al-Alam News Network had also been faced such a bad attitude a few years ago becuse of broadcasting freedom of thought and speech.

Their Media Isolation policy will not prevent us from our duties and we will cooperate more to find alternatives for the old policy of isolating by the satellites authorities.

Dr. Ahmed Sadat




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