Leader’s Adviser Velayati: ‘Bashar Assad Is Iran’s Redline’

Leader’s Adviser Velayati: ‘Bashar Assad Is Iran’s Redline’
Sun Dec 6, 2015 12:01:13

Underlining Iran’s support for Syria, head of Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati said that in a future, not so far, more countries will join the axis of resistance.

Talking about his recent trip to Syria, Velayati made the remarks during a TV interview on Saturday in Iran.

Noting the necessity of Iran-Russia ties to be stable and long-term, Velayati pointed to gravity of the condition in Syria and added “It is not far from expectation that the commander of IRGC Quds forces Major General Ghasem Soleimani pay a visit to Russia to hold talks with the country’s officials; Syrian crisis is not predicted to be solved in a short period of time.”

About Russia joining the axis of resistance, Velayati said that every country seeks its own interests; “Russia cannot defend its interests in the Middle East and region by itself.”

“ISIL is spreading toward Russia and West Asia and if Russia fails to confront the terrorist group it will have to defend its own country in near future”, he noted.

Moreover Velayati said that a minor international war is happening in Syria in which all the world powers are participating and small regional countries are playing a more significant role in the Syrian war rather than grand nations.”

He added that Iran, as a regional power with international influence, is the most powerful country present in Syria’s developments.

The adviser to the Leader, underlined that in a near future some other countries, as big as Russia, will join the axis of resistance. Following Syria countries like China may join the axis since the Muslims living in East of China may have tendency to join ISIL.”

He added that US bombards ISIL strongholds only when the group crosses the redlines it has specified; “The terrorist group has activities in regions of oil resources without any problem, US never bombs such regions.”

He underlined that what US is looking for is not a grand Middle East, but a shattered one.

Talking about the conflict between Turkey and Russia, he added that the tension between the two nations should reduce.

He also noted that Iran is a powerful country in the region and world and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be careful of what he is saying against the country.

Given the Vienna talks on Syria, the official said “Iran was present at the talks since Russia had asked Iran to join so that they could defend Syria together. Iran asked Iraq, Lebanon and Oman to attend the conference as well which indeed strengthened the diplomacy of resistance.”

Velayati said that countries which are today helping the terrorists more are the ones which had the most relations with Syria. Countries including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are Syria’s enemies since they failed to detach al-Asad from the axis of resistance.

He finally said that Asad is Iran’s red line since he has been chosen by the Syrian nation and Iran will continue supporting Syria. Mehr News Agency reported.


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