3 Kalashnikovs Discovered in Car Used by ISIS Terrorists in Paris Attacks

3 Kalashnikovs Discovered in Car Used by ISIS Terrorists in Paris Attacks
Sun Nov 15, 2015 17:13:23

A stash of weapons including three Kalashnikov AK47 rifles have been discovered in a car police believe was used by the ISIS terrorists to flee Paris after murdering at least 129 people.

Police found the abandoned vehicle in the suburb of Montreuil, east of Paris, suggesting some of those involved managed to leave Paris.

Fears are now being raised that one or more of the assailants could still be on the run.

The black Seat Leon car is thought to have been used by the gunmen who opened fire on a restaurant in central Paris on Friday evening.

Some 129 people have been killed and 352 people injured, the French prosecutor confirmed in a press conference last night.

French President Francois Hollande described the deadly attacks carried out by ISIS as an "act of war".

At least one Briton died in the Paris terror attacks and Downing Street warned there could be "a number of" British casualties.

One terrorist has so far been named as Ismail Omar Mostefai, but another was said to be just 15-years-old.

The teenager was thought to have targeted the Stade de France, near to where two suicide bombers blew themselves up .

Mostefai, who attacked at the Bataclan concert hall, has been formally identified as a 29-year-old French national with Islamic links and was known to French authorities.

He has been arrested for eight minor offences in France and has been on a radicalisation watch list since 2010 - but has never been implicated in any terrorist activities.

He was born in Courcouronnes, a suburb in southern Paris.

One of the Stade de France suicide bombers has been confirmed as Syrian aged 25 but was not known to French authorities. A Syrian passport belonging to a refugee was found earlier on one of the suicide bomber's bodies.

Three groups of terrorists were behind the attacks - one at the Stade de France and two others at the five other locations.

A Frenchmen was stopped at the Belgian border this morning, while two people from Brussels were also arrested.

News of the suspects comes as it was revealed a British man was among those who died.

Nick Alexander, who was at the theatre at the time of the attack, was confirmed dead today.


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