Iraqis Claim Hit Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s Convoy in Airstrike

Iraqis Claim Hit Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s Convoy in Airstrike
Sun Oct 11, 2015 17:58:43

Iraq says it has hit the convoy of the chief of ISIS Takfiri terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an airstrike in the western Anbar Province.

In a statement on Sunday, the Iraqi military said the country's Air Force had hit the convoy of Ibrahim al-Samarrai aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but added that his fate is as of yet unknown.

"The Iraqi air force carried out a heroic operation targeting the convoy of the criminal terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," Iraq's security forces said in a joint statement.

Iraqi media say Samarrai, injured in the airstrike, was moved quickly from the scene of the attack.

The statement said the elite intelligence section of Iraqi Air Force targeted the convoy of the terrorist leader after gathering precise information aboutSamarrai's plan to attend a meeting of ISIS operatives in the restive province of al-Anbar.

The venue of the planned meeting was also bombed by Iraqi warplanes with an unknown number of senior members of ISIS killed.

The development comes hours after an announcement by the Iraqi army that it managed to fly its first combat drone in its fight against ISIS terrorists in Anbar, taking off from the al-Kut airbase in Wasit Province.

Earlier in the day, the ISIS executed about 60 of its own members, as reports suggested that the militants are in a state of panic and terror after heavy shelling by Iraqi security forces.

Samarrai, who declared himself leader of ISIS militants operating in Syria and Iraq last year, was reportedly wounded in March in a US-led airstrike.

Meanwhile in neighboring Syria, army forces, backed by Russian jets, managed to make gains in their war against ISIS.

Russia launched its airstrikes against the terrorists in Syria last month, one year after the US, the leader of the so-called international anti-ISIS coalition, started its campaign to target militant positions in the country.

Iraq has also announced that it planning to ask Russia to carry out airstrikes against the militants, which have seized parts of the country’s western and northern regions.

ISIS militants currently control large areas of both Iraq and Syria, where they have killed many people over the past few years; Press TV reported.

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