One Year Passed, Mosul Fell to ISIS

Al-Baghdadi May Appear In a Mosque in Mosul to deliver speech

Al-Baghdadi May Appear In a Mosque in Mosul to deliver speech
Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:43:33

ISIS terrorist group issued an order forcing the employees and residents to decorate the streets and government departments in the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh

ISIS terrorist group issued an order forcing the employees and residents to decorate the streets and government departments in the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh.

Province to mark the anniversary of the occupation of the city and control it amid wide spread of militants in the streets of the city, Shafaghna reports.

ISIS has organized last night a major celebration in Nineveh International Hotel, which changed its name to al-Wareteen hotel where ISIS elements distributed an invitation to its leaders and officials to attend the ceremonial cards.

A local official revealed, according to "Elaph" website the spread of unconfirmed news of the organization's heads in Mosul, saying that its cheif , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may appear today in a mosque in Nineveh province to deliver a "conquest and victory speech" or publish a video recording through the succession local channel and radio as well as media points deployed in all streets of Nineveh.

But a year passed after mpsul fell to ISIS. Whipped for smoking and threatened for not wearing gloves in public: One year on since ISIS stormed Mosul, residents reveal the harsh reality of life under “Islamic State”

One year has past since ISIS shocked the world and marched into Iraq's second largest city, Mosul.

Now through secret video footage and interviews obtained by the BBC, some residents in Mosul have revealed how their lives have been turned upside down.

From being forced to wear a veil to destroying Iraq's ancient archaeological sites, ISIS has governed Mosul in accordance with its own radical interpretation of Shariah law.

The residents confirm how locals are forced to watch public executions and abide by ISIS's strict rule or face unimaginable suffering.

One woman, named as Hanaa, claimed she had heard stories of a woman being publicly humiliated after she went to the market wearing a burqa.

When a member of the ISIS religious police, al-Hesbah, saw her bare hands, he lambasted her and ordered to put on a pair of black gloves.

She also recalled seeing a father struggling to find his young daughter because he was in a crowd of women all wearing identical black veils.

Hanaa spoke of her own personal experience of how her life has changed since ISIS arrived. She remembered one occasion when she begged her husband to take her to a restaurant because she was getting bored at home and women under ISIS cannot leave the house without a male escort.

Minority groups in Mosul, particularly the Christian community have suffered at the hands of ISIS.

One Christian woman, named as Mariam, fled her home in Mosul to live in the Kurdish city of Irbil.

However, she left behind her greatest passion in life, her vast library of books. Since leaving the city, she was told by neighbors that her cherished books were thrown on to the street and her house had been locked up.

Sprayed on the wall of the house, ISIL/ISIS differentiates the properly as formerly belonging to a Christian, using the letter N to signify the word 'Nasrani'-  the Arabic word for Christian.

ISIS have also regularly published fresh images of their latest atrocities, from throwing a man accused of homosexuality from the room of a courthouse, to stoning two adulterers to death.

Shiite mosques have been dynamited in Mosul, with the shrine of Jonah being blown to bits last year.

The extremist group's campaign of violence appears to know no boundaries as the people of Mosul have only been able to watch its historic museum was trashed.

Even the cities historic archaeological past has been eradicated with ISIS sickeningly taking great pride in erasing the ancient site of Nimrud.

The news comes as Kurdish and Iraqi government continue to make gains against Islamic State. ISIS have reportedly been forced to pull back in several towns in the north eastern Syrian region of al-Hasakah.
Also Iraqi government forces have retake control of refinery town of baiji.

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