Iraqi Army Retakes ISIL-Occupied Region in Anbar Province

Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:32:07

Iraqi security forces managed to retake the ISIL-captured Jubbah region in Iraq’s western Anbar province.

Iraqi security forces with the assistance of Popular Mobilization Forces managed to retake the ISIL-captured strategically important Jubbah region in Iraq’s western Anbar province, Sava radio reported Tuesday.

The offensive is part of Iraq’s efforts to retake Ramadi, the capital city of Iraq’s Anbar province, which was captured by ISIL terrorist in May.

The Ayn Al-Assad air force base, where security forces and volunteers from the locals, is situated in the region. All operations carried out by the joint forces in the western part of the Anbar province are managed from the airbase, Sputnik reports.

Since July, approximately 3,000 US-trained Iraqi soldiers have taken up positions surrounding Ramadi in preparation for a pending assault to rid the city of ISIL fighters.

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