Iraqi Army Repels ISIS Attack in Beiji

Iraqi Army Repels ISIS Attack in Beiji
Mon Aug 17, 2015 15:54:39

The Iraqi Army countered the attacks of the ISIS Takfiri Terrorists in Beiji, in Salahuddin province, and killed or wounded several fighters, military sources said; FNA reports.

“The Iraqi forces repelled an ISIS assault by a number of booby-trapped vehicles in the district of Beiji,” said the sources adding, “The attack comes to cover up the losses of the terrorist group in the Western province of Anbar.”

"The ISIS group sustained heavy losses after the Iraqi army men carried out counter-attack operations in the fighting area," the sources went on to say.

The Iraqi army and popular forces have launched massive operations in the Western province of Anbar and are resolved to recapture the ISIS-held city of Ramadi.

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